Simplifying Motion Control

Quick Set-up of Zaber Products - Installing Zaber devices is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

For additional information about setting up our devices, please visit our Support Wiki, which includes our Getting Started Guide, Troubleshooting Guides, product user manuals, and other resources.

Step 1

Connect the Zaber controller (built in to the device or stand-alone) to your computer via USB or RS-232 port using the cables included if you ordered an accessory kit.

Connect controller to PC via USB or RS-232 port

Step 2

Connect the power supply to your Zaber device.

Connect power supply to device

Power can be daisy-chained amongst up to four T-Series devices with a 15 V power supply. Power can also be daisy-chained amongst up to three X-Series devices.

Step 3

Send instructions or automate your set-up using the Zaber Console, our free, open-source software, or write your own application based on our source code.

Free, open-source software Zaber Console available

We offer a variety of sample programs for several programming environments, including LabVIEW. Visit our Software page for more information.

Daisy-Chaining Additional Units

Additional units can be easily installed by daisy-chaining them to the first device. Power can be shared through the data cable with some Zaber products. Our X-Series joystick, the X-JOY3, is equally easy to install and use.

Daisy-chain multiple devices, power sharing possible

Data connector type may be mini-DIN (shown), D-sub, or M8 style depending on the devices that you purchased.