General Applications

Zaber Technologies designs and manufactures precision motion control products suitable for a wide range of tasks. Here are some general examples of applications for Zaber's devices.

Photonics and Optics

Biomedical Applications

Laser Motive

Optical breadboard prototyping
Optical alignment and calibration
Image acquisition
Image analysis
Time-resolved optical spectroscopy
Laser wavelength tuning
Laser beam stabilization
Laser-driven electron acceleration research and applications
Optical crystal positioning
Michelson interferometer
Optical beam profiling
Femto-second laser pulse characterization

WITec GmbH Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope

Biomaterials testing
Medical imaging
Scanning probe in medical imaging
Positioning flow cells for particle analyser
Automated patch clamp for oocyte
Syringe pump applications
Biomedical engineering application involving surgical laser control
Photoacoustic imaging project
E. coli research
Fluorescence detection system

Testing, Control, Measurement, and Instrumentation

Material Science Product Testing

XY calibration table
Control of stepper motors by LabVIEW
Testing of infrared sensors
Positioning of thermalcouple to measure temperature profile
Laser triangulation calibration
Mass spectrometer for in-flight measurements
Optical inspection systems
Positioning CCD and photomultiplier

SpinX Lab Application

Materials testing
Surface scanning
Surface reaction
Thin film coating
Thin films gradient testing
Atomic Force Microscope(AFM) applications
3D measurements
Scanning surface of laser-ablation samples
Metrology and calibration
Development of MEMS
Stereo lithography

Microscope and Microscopy

Industrial Automation

Zaber ASR XY Motorized Stage

Motorizing microscope stage
Microscope positioning
Programmable joystick control of microscope
Fluorescence microscopy
Control of ND filter for solid state laser system for confocal microscopy

Zaber A-LST High-Load Linear Stages

X-Y or X-Y-Z stage systems
Semiconductor research
Step and repeat
Positioning for machine vision systems
Sorting and automated handling systems
Electrical connector life testing

Life Sciences


Life Sciences

Patch clamping
Automated microtomes
Soft-tissue tensile testing
Light sheet fluorescence microscopy
Three-dimensional motile microorganism tracking
Worm tracking
Laser capture microdissection

Other Applications

Pan tilt camera mount
Controlling infrared, neutral density, and polarizing filters
Development of advanced life support system
Antenna positioner
Atomic physics research
Atomic clock and quantum computing
Astronomical imaging
Laser cutting, marking, and engraving